Thursday, August 3, 2017

RESTROOM TRAILERS: “The Modern” Restroom Trailer NYC

Restroom Trailers NYC
The Modern Restroom Trailer
Do you have an artistic side?  Are you intrigued by Picasso’s ‘Woman with Red Hat’, or van Gogh’s ‘Irises’?  If so, the next time you're planning one of your large art gatherings and need to consider renting restroom trailers, check out “The Modern” restroom trailer by Callahead.  “The Modern” restroom trailer is, as its name implies, a sophisticated, contemporary-styled bathroom trailer by the Callahead Corporation that has nine stations.  There are four private bathroom stalls on the women's side with floor-to-ceiling lockable doors, plus vanity with dual sinks and mirror. And on the men's side, there is a single stall with four porcelain urinals along with a vanity with dual sinks and mirror.

The Modern Restroom Urinals
Restroom Urinals
The best feature of all, however, is the modern framed artwork throughout the entirety of this restroom trailer.  Your guests will love using this restroom trailer and viewing the contemporary artwork within each private stall, as well as the common areas.  And you won't be lacking in comfort, that's for sure, because you will have central air conditioning and a surround sound stereo system with speakers mounted in the ceiling.  Fan forced heaters are also included for those colder days or nights.

Private Restroom Stalls
Private Restroom Stalls
So let your artistic side show the next time you're hosting an event and rent “The Modern” restroom trailer from Callahead.  The inside of this trailer is so beautiful, you need to beware -- your guests may go missing for a while, and may even be found mingling inside the restroom.  Yes it's that gorgeous!

Spacious Interior of "The Modern" Restroom Trailer
Spacious Interior of "The Modern" Restroom Trailer
 But hey, don't take my word for it: when looking for restroom trailers, check out the video tour of “The Modern” restroom trailer on YouTube as well as all the details on Callahead’s website.  Modern, chic, suave, sophisticated – the list goes on, but words can't describe how luxurious this bathroom trailer is. You have to experience it for yourself and enjoy it along with your guests.  Gauguin has nothing on you!

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