Wednesday, August 15, 2012

London Style Portable Restroom

London Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
Red, London Style Portable Toilet
If you've ever seen those red telephone booths in London England, you know how they catch your eye from a distance, just like their postal drop boxes.

Well, here's a twist: what if you walked into one of those red phone booths, and it turned out to be a portable toilet?  Pretty cool, right?

As it turns out, the New York based company, CALLAHEAD, has created just that -- a portable toilet designed just like a red London phone booth!So when you're ready for a special event for someone who loves all things British, consider renting this porta potty... no need to have people trampling all over your house, ruining your carpet, and overflowing your cesspool (do you have any idea what that would cost to fix?!)

Red Portable Toilet Rental
This is a very classy portable restroom (aka temporary restroom), and yet, it's a great conversation piece!

So bookmark this site, or visit  Just remember that Big Ben (or Big Liz -- if you want to be up to date with name changes) is not included.  And, bring your own fog!