Sunday, August 16, 2020

Brooklyn Restroom Trailer Rentals


Brooklyn Restroom Trailer Rentals

If you have a construction project in Brooklyn New York with a good size crew, you may want to consider renting a restroom trailer instead of individual Porta potties for your workers.  Providing your workers with good restroom facilities is a must nowadays to ensure worker satisfaction, as well as complying with current labor laws.

Construction Portable Toilets Brooklyn


When you rent a restroom trailer from the Callahead Corporation in New York, you are ensuring a clean and sanitary bathroom facility for your workers, with ample space for them to move around, as well as provide comfort, in the form of air-conditioning during the summer and heat during the winter months.


Professional Long term Restroom Trailer

Callahead has many long-term, construction restroom trailers available.  One such trailer is called, “The Professional”, which has a total of 10 bathroom stations for your workers.

Professional Long term Restroom Trailer Inside


The Professional Restroom Trailer, along with all of Callahead’s long-term bathroom trailers, can withstand heavy use from your crew. Additionally, you can tailor your servicing requirements according to your needs; that is, instead of a single once a week cleaning, you can choose to have Callahead’s service technician come clean your bathroom trailer several times a week, or even each day, for that matter.


The Professional Bathroom Trailer Detail

To rent a bathroom trailer for your construction site in Brooklyn, simply give Callahead a call at 1-800-634-2085, and speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives today. Your workers will thank you for it.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Single Handicap Restroom Trailer

Summer is in full swing and since many people are social distancing, they’re holding their events outdoors here in New York. Rain or shine, many people still yearn to have gatherings with their family and friends, and why not? Many people have been cooped up for months on end due to Covid 19.

Of course, with any outdoor festivities nowadays, it’s wise to have your own portable restroom. If you have a very large gathering, however, one or two portable restrooms may not be the answer; instead you may want to opt for renting a restroom trailer. One of the latest restroom trailer additions to the Callahead line up of portable rentals, is the Single ADA Restroom Trailer, which has a large enough room inside to accommodate a wheelchair for those who may be impaired.

 The extra room comes in handy for those with children and or elderly persons in need of assistance. For year-round comfort, air conditioning, as well as thermostat controlled heat is installed. A large porcelain sink will be welcome, as will the automatic shut off stainless steel faucet, which provides hot and cold running water.

There is a wide, sturdy ramp with handrails, as well as outdoor lighting for nighttime use.  This bathroom trailer will surely be appreciated by all guests!  Find out more information about the Single ADA Restroom Trailer.  Or, call the Callahead team at 800.634.2085, and schedule your rental today!