Friday, January 29, 2016

Restroom Trailers New York Presents A Very Attractive And Unique Restroom Trailer, The SOHO

When you think about art galleries, luxurious stores, and other unique attractions,SOHO is the place that stands out. Many tourist and celebrities visit this beautiful place every day. CALLAHEAD CORP constructed a restroom trailer to praise SOHO. They even decided to name it the SOHO Luxury Restroom Trailer. CALLAHEAD Restroom Trailers New York provides the best quality service and their equipment is very dependable. The SOHO is the ideal trailer for many special events such as: gatherings, celebrations, formal events and other types of special events.

The SoHO Luxury Restroom Trailer

The SOHO would look great in any scenery. This trailer has separate men’s and women’s restrooms. The woman’s restroom has stall and the men’s restroom has one spacious stall and one odorless urinal. The trailer’s interior is guaranteed to give you a magnificent impression. You will find many lovely artworks just like the ones you would find in art galleries. Thermostat, controlled heat and air conditioner and a central music system are all equipped inside. The trailer’s floors are made of a faux wide plank. The sink's countertops are composed of faux marble. Providing a safe environment  is very important to CALLAHEAD. That’s why they have included rubber grips on the steel handrails and the trailer has external lighting. This trailer is spotlessly clean and provides paper towels, tissues, and soap dispensers in order to keep it sanitary.

Trailer Interior
Stepping into this trailer will bring an incredible feeling to all guests. CALLAHEAD Restroom trailers New York wants users to get a better feel on SOHO. Call CALLAHEAD today and speak to an expert sales specialist at 1-800-634-2085. For more information or pictures on the SOHO more pictures, visit their website at CALLAHEAD is the leading company in the portable sanitation industry and will continue to do so for years to come.

Friday, January 15, 2016

CALLAHEAD's Phenomenal Bathroom Trailer, The Head trailer

Construction sites are usually very hectic and sometimes workers need to take a break. Workers need portable restrooms that will fulfill their needs. A bathroom trailer is needed to transport a standard portable restroom to your desired location. Affordable bathroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD CORP. An excellent bathroom trailer is the Head Trailer. The Head Trailer is ideal to use for workers at construction sites. All you have to do is attach it to a smaller size vehicle and you are ready to go. The great thing about this bathroom trailer is that you can select any of 

CALLAHEAD’s wide selection of standard portable bathrooms and attach it to it.The Head Trailer was created to make it easier for people to move around their portable restrooms. This trailer is able to sustain standard size portable toilet. The trailer contains many features you wouldn’t find in other trailers. The Head Trailer carries a lockable anti-theft tongue. The tire of the trailer is long lasting. For safety purposes, the trailer includes tail lights. Workers will be comfortable knowing that everywhere they go, they can bring a portable restroom with them. This trailer will definitely improve workers working condition.

CALLAHEAD continues to develop great quality trailers. The Head trailer is a top bathroom trailer that currently available for rent. You are guaranteed to benefit from this rental. If you’re interested in renting the Head Trailer or any other bathroom trailers, speak to one of their sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more pictures or information, visit the company’s website at Have your bathroom trailer ready to move to any desired location with the Head trailer.

Friday, January 8, 2016

CALLAHEAD's Most Elegant Mobile Restroom Trailers,The Manhattan

Manhattan is probably the most iconic borough in New York. It is known for having beautiful attractions and important sites. Many people hosts special events and are looking for an unforgettable experience. One step of doing so is by renting mobile restroom trailers. CALLAHEAD CORP has created a variety of mobile restroom trailers suitable for the needs of all guests. One of their greatest trailers is one dedicated to New York, The Manhattan. This mobile restroom trailer is ideal for graduation parties, birthday celebrations, formal events and much more. Once you are inside the Manhattan, prepare to witness a trailer like no other.
The Manhattan Luxury Restroom Trailer
The Manhattan has a bright white exterior which will look beautiful in any outdoor setting. Separate women’s and men’s restrooms are included. The women's restroom has four roomy bathroom stalls meanwhile the men's restroom has two private bathroom stalls. The men's bathroom also contains four urinals. The trailer is very safe as it includes a nonslip staircase. For the benefit of all guests, the vanity area has large lighted mirrors and shelves. The floors is composed of a wide plank red oak wood. All guests will enjoy the fact that this trailer has a central music system. A thermostat that controls heat and air conditioner is also installed within the trailer. Elegant black and white artwork is exhibited throughout the trailer.
Mobile Restroom Trailer

The Manhattan is one of the most attractive mobile restroom trailers on the market. The Manhattan is guaranteed to provide a comfortable experience. This trailer is assured to go beyond all expectations. If you are interested, please speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more pictures or information on the Manhattan, visit the company’s website at Be sure to check out other mobile restroom trailers. You will not be let down with CALLAHEAD’s services.