Monday, February 10, 2014

The Best New York Security Guard Booth Rental Equipment Hands Down

The security guard is the front line of defense in protecting your valuables, whether they are costly materials or vital information at your corporate office or construction site. There is nothing that compares to having a uniformed guard at the construction site to watch over valuables, vandalism, and prevent accidents but it is not enough to simply hire a security guard. Just as your security guard protects your valuables, it is imperative to have your security guard protected from frigid New York temperatures in winter and steaming hot summers. That's where Guard Sheds / Guard Booths come in.

CALLAHEAD New York Guard Sheds

Guard Shed 16 - security guard booth
Guard Shed 16

CALLAHEAD has built a name for itself offering the best in portable toilet rentals for NYC construction sites and special events. The company has applied its ingenuity to another portable option, designed to protect security personal and improve their performance as a result. CALLAHEAD’s Guard Shed 16, Guard Shed 25 and Guard Shed 48 offer a new level of innovation in portable guard shelters for New York City businesses.

Guard Shed 25 - booth for security guard
Guard Shed 25
Security guard booth rentals for New York construction prior to CALLAHEAD’s guard shed creation have been simple and sad affairs. Basically before CALLAHEAD’s design, security guards would do their tour of duty in a design similar to porta potties with holes cut out for windows.   

Guard Shed 48

Guard Shed 48

While CALLAHEAD could have taken a similar route, it was not satisfied with the status quo and felt that the security guards deserve a much better work environment for they safety, health, and comfort on the New York construction site.  

As with its numerous innovations in NYC portable toilets and restroom trailers, the company decided to take the NYC portable guard shed rental to the next level.

Focus on comfort to improve performance

Everyone knows that the more miserable the working conditions of a person, the worse that person performs on the job or will want to remain on the job. High turnover and excessive sick time can be costly to a company’s bottom line in itself.  The freezing winter weather and blazing summer heat of NYC are enough to drive any security guard into the ground given enough time – a situation CALLAHEAD aims to avoid with the comfortable additions to its Guard Shed units.

Made from durable fiberglass with a gel-coat finish, each Guard Shed features a commercial steal door for safety and security. All versions feature electricity, light and heat, and can be equipped for air-conditioning as well during the summer months. All units are weather-tight to improve heating and cooling, making them appropriate for any season. 

Interior of Guard Shed 48
Interior of Guard Shed 48
The Guard Shed 16 can house a single guard comfortably, while the Guard Shed 25 offers a 5’ X 5’ space for two guards. The Guard Shed 48 is extra roomy. As the largest portable option from CALLAHEAD it seats two guards comfortably with a table and chairs. 

The portable guard shed solution

With exceptional customer service, same-day delivery and the most innovative and durable portable guard sheds in New York City, CALLAHEAD is your ideal option to take care of your security personnel. When protecting your valuables is a priority, only CALLAHEAD security guard sheds will provide the protection you need.

CALLAHEAD’s service areas include New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island including Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point, and all of Westchester

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