Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Construction Portable Toilets

Construction Portable Toilet

Construction Portable Toilets are available for Job Sites, or Long Term sites.

Whether you call a Portable Toilet a "portable restroom", "porta potty", "porta john", "john" or "porta john", they all serve the same purpose: keeping your construction crew and contractors close to the work site when they have to use the bathroom! This allows for better productivity, thus saving money in the long run.

Construction Site portable toilets are, thus, a real necessity these days, to ensure that your construction project is completed on time, and within budget!

Here is an example of a Job Site Portable Toilet, which is sturdy, comfortable, and can be hoisted by crane to virtually any location!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Restroom Trailers for Larger groups and SPECIAL EVENTS

When you need a classy restroom solution for an event, or even for a long-term project, consider using a restroom trailer!

The bathroom trailer above has 3 toilets for women; and 3 urinals and 1 toilet on the men's side. (Entirely separate restrooms, of course.) Oh, and each bathroom includes 2 fully functional sinks for washing up!

You can view the different types of restroom trailers here, including the Newport 1600, shown above.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What about an Antiseptic Stand?

Ok, so you saw in my last post how you could keep your hands clean in a remote location by renting a Towelette Stand. Well, what if you don't want to fill up a trash can with all the used towelettes? What if you don't have a trash can available either?

Guess what? Someone's thought of that, too! (well, you don't say, LOL!)

That's right, just rent an Antiseptic Dispenser to clean your hands with!

Antiseptic Dispenser Stand

The Antiseptic Stand shown above has four (4) dispensers, each one loaded with 800ml (almost a quart, or liter) of sanitizing gel.

A portable hand sanitizer unit like this will help all your guests keep their hands sanitized, and eliminate the need for towelettes, or running water! Brilliant! ..and brilliantly clean, too! ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Towelette Stands & Portable Hand Washing Units

Hand Washing Stand - Towelette Stand | Portable

So what if you don't have running water, and you want to host a party, or some kind of event?

Simple: rent your own Towelette Stand! Pretty Cool, huh? This is a great alternative to a sink with running water, and is a must-have if you rent a porta potty that doesn't have it's own hand washing sink with water!

Who knew? Not me - a little birdie told me. So now I'm telling you -- wash up! It's time to eat! ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Handwashing to save a Million Lives per Year

I'm sure that you already know that you should wash your hands throughout the day, to help minimize getting colds. But did you know that there is a correct way of washing (versus the two second rinse that some people seem to think is suffice)?

Did you also know that up to a MILLION deaths per year could be prevented by hand washing alone? (According to a study by London researchers).

A lot of people think that you only need to wash your hands after using the bathroom (and some people don't think it's necessary even then!)

Check out this page on the CDC's website, where hand washing is explained in detail. They even have a video with more information!

Who knew? (I'll see you later.. gotta go wash my hands..)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Portable Sinks -- Useful for many hand washing applications

OK, so you use a porta potty, you leave it, and look for a place to wash your hands.... now what? Well, if you have one of these portable sinks, you'll be able to wash your hands to your heart's content!

The portable sink listed above is called the Water Basin Portable Sink, and has two (count 'em, 2!) spouts, so if you have several people in need of hand washing, this is your baby!

What other uses could you have for this type of unit, other than near a portable restroom? Well, if you're an artist holding an outdoor plein-air workshop, this will definitely come in handy. Your pupils will thank you for having a portable sink available, so that they can wash up. Otherwise, they might get weird looks as they drive home, with blood-red alizarin crimson all over their hands!

Another use would be if you're holding a birthday party outdoors, without any running water nearby, and especially if there are kids! People are going to need to wash up after using the portable toilet, and after eating ribs, cake, etc, etc -- you know what it's like. And if you don't, you need to get out there and live a little, lol!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Solid Gold Toilet

Solid Gold Toilet

The gold spot is $1,854.00 per OUNCE this morning, and you can imagine how happy Hong Kong entrepreneur Lam Sai-wing is, what with his solid gold bathroom, including this SOLID GOLD Toilet!

Mr. Lam, in case you don't know, owns a retail jewelry business in Hong Kong (Hang Fung Gold Technology), and created a small golden palace as a marketing ploy, which at its peak, has contained more than 6 TONS of gold! (see the Wall Street Journal's slide-show here)

Look, I like to live large like the next guy, but I don't know if I'll EVER get to use something like that, LOL! In the meantime, I know that I can count on renting VIP toilets and other specialized temporary restrooms from CallAHead Corp in New York!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celebrity sighting! ... and Britney Spears as well!

Britney Spears with Porta Potty

That's right -- Britney is no stranger to porta potties: she recently worked on a sketch from "Jackass 3", where she was catapulted through the air, while inside a fully loaded Porta-Potty. (See the video on Ryan Seacrest's website).

It's no surprise then, to see her photographed with the #1 Porta Potty in New York, CallAHead! So when YOU feel like being treated like a celebrity, go with the best, and forget the rest!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How is YOUR Porta Potty being transported?

Over the years a variety of methods have been used to transport porta potties, including the one above!

One company that believes in using the latest technology to help transport their porta potties is CallAHead. They use GPS-equipped trucks (that are monitored by the home office) to deliver and service their portable restrooms. This helps them avoid traffic jams, as well as just being able to pinpoint a customer's exact location! Is that service, or what?

So if you're in the New York Metro area, and would rather not take a chance when renting a porta potty, just check out CallAHead! (www.callahead.com, or just call 1.800.634.2085)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Australian Outhouse compared to modern New York Porta Potty!

Australian Outhouse
Australian Outhouse - Image credit: Cgoodwin

Here is an image of an outhouse in the Australian outback. Not bad -- it beats going in the bush, don't you think? Nice cow skull for ornamentation, too. Maybe even some tea tree leaves inside for aromatherapy... just watch out for those colossal spiders! Ouch-lol!

Hey, things are better here in New York. Like, you can rent a beautiful outhouse (known in these parts as a porta potty or portable toilet), similar to this one:

Porta Potty

Porta Potty

This model happens to be called "The ToiletTree" -- kinda makes sense, doesn't it?
It'll blend right into your backyard, so you might have to tape a flag to the top of it, so your guests can see it. :-)

But other than that, it's a beautiful design, and even looks like an airplane toilet on the inside!

Portable toilet interior
So next time you have a special event, or even if you need these portable bathrooms for a long term rental, check out CallAHead in NY.

They service all of NYC, Westchester, and all of Long Island -- that's right, even the Hamptons, and out to Montauk. They have many other designs, if you don't want the trees... Just check out their website (listed above), or give them a holler at 1-800-634-2085.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ancient Roman Toilets - Outdoor Toilet System

Ancient Roman Toilets
Ancient Roman Toilets

Isn't this amazing? Shown above are the remains from an ancient Roman urinal or toilet (or both) system. Looks like maybe they sat there while discussing their favorite gladiator in the next duel, lol!

How did we get from this type of toilet to where we are today? Good question, and hopefully we can answer it, and many more -- in time. So bookmark us, and come back for more interesting tidbits!

Hey, while we're on the subject, if you need a portable restroom rental, check out CallAHead in New York. They have a lot of different types of portable toilets, also known as Port O Potty, or Porta Potty, depending upon who you talk to, and where you are located...