Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Australian Outhouse compared to modern New York Porta Potty!

Australian Outhouse
Australian Outhouse - Image credit: Cgoodwin

Here is an image of an outhouse in the Australian outback. Not bad -- it beats going in the bush, don't you think? Nice cow skull for ornamentation, too. Maybe even some tea tree leaves inside for aromatherapy... just watch out for those colossal spiders! Ouch-lol!

Hey, things are better here in New York. Like, you can rent a beautiful outhouse (known in these parts as a porta potty or portable toilet), similar to this one:

Porta Potty

Porta Potty

This model happens to be called "The ToiletTree" -- kinda makes sense, doesn't it?
It'll blend right into your backyard, so you might have to tape a flag to the top of it, so your guests can see it. :-)

But other than that, it's a beautiful design, and even looks like an airplane toilet on the inside!

Portable toilet interior
So next time you have a special event, or even if you need these portable bathrooms for a long term rental, check out CallAHead in NY.

They service all of NYC, Westchester, and all of Long Island -- that's right, even the Hamptons, and out to Montauk. They have many other designs, if you don't want the trees... Just check out their website (listed above), or give them a holler at 1-800-634-2085.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ancient Roman Toilets - Outdoor Toilet System

Ancient Roman Toilets
Ancient Roman Toilets

Isn't this amazing? Shown above are the remains from an ancient Roman urinal or toilet (or both) system. Looks like maybe they sat there while discussing their favorite gladiator in the next duel, lol!

How did we get from this type of toilet to where we are today? Good question, and hopefully we can answer it, and many more -- in time. So bookmark us, and come back for more interesting tidbits!

Hey, while we're on the subject, if you need a portable restroom rental, check out CallAHead in New York. They have a lot of different types of portable toilets, also known as Port O Potty, or Porta Potty, depending upon who you talk to, and where you are located...