Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Portable Toilet with a Garden View!

OK, so I should clarify that the portable toilet doesn't have the garden view from inside; rather the garden view is on the outside of it! 

Ingenious, isn't?
  So, let's say that you are having a birthday party, or a barbeque, or some other kind of special event...  and it's in your backyard, or at a special park, etc.  This portable toilet will either blend right in with the existing foliage, or will stand out as a beautiful centerpiece of art that will be much welcomed by your guests!

Standard, plain portable toilets (or should I say, "plain-ugly"?) can't compete with this lush, rose garden inspired porta potty.  Let's face it -- those dull portable toilets from the past are hideous looking, and therefore, most people didn't want to get near one, let alone use it -- am I right?  With a portable restroom like this, you'll feel civilized, as you should be!

So, check out the pictures and the specs for The Garden Head portable toilet, available to rent on Long Island, New York, Westchester and New York City (that's right -- where else do you expect to see such innovation, design, and art come together for a porta potty?)