Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feel like a Celebrity, with One of Callahead’s Executive Restroom Trailers, ‘The Regency’

The Regency Executive Restroom Trailers
The Regency Executive Restroom Trailer
The Regency is one of the executive restroom trailers most used here in New York City when filming a motion picture. Celebrities like to feel at home, and when using the Regency restroom trailer that has the accommodation and the privacy of their abode, they find that their work is accomplished in a stress free manner.  

The Regency Black Corian Countertops
Black Corian Countertops
Just the other day, while I was driving down Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens, NY, I noticed that there were a couple of Callahead restroom trailers, and by the size of the trailers, I knew that there was a film being made. Of course the celebrities had to be of much importance, because the bathroom trailers were the big Callahead restroom trailers.  And if you ever peek at one of Callahead restroom trailers you will be amazed.  They are so lavish and well thought out – they have everything that I want in my own bathroom!  It amazes me to see that a trailer can have such luxury as one's residence; from the faux wood floors to the wood paneling, to the flushing porcelain toilets, to the air conditioning and heat.  There is so much detail put in, it’s incredible! 

The Regency Urinals for Men
Three Odorless Urinals for Men
So don't feel left out,  you are also just as important as a celebrity; you just need to have the right event to share with your friends and loved ones, and of course, to exhibit your style.  The best way to show your uniqueness is by renting one of Callahead’s executive restroom trailers, such as the Regency. So don't wait - give Callahead a call at 800-634-2085.  Or just visit the web site at; you will find the web site easy to navigate.  Better yet, speak with a professional staff member, who will gladly guide you in making the right decision.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Newport 1100 Portable Restroom Trailer Is Perfect For Summer Fun!

The Newport 1100 portable restroom trailer can be rented in NYC, New York, as well as Long Island and Westchester County, NY.  With the weather changing more to our liking, we tend to want to be outside. And what nicer way to be able to be outside, enjoying the weather, playing a baseball or volleyball game and knowing that you have the Newport portable restroom trailer available at your disposal for you and your guests. 

The Newport 1100 Portable Restroom Trailer
The Newport 1100 Portable Restroom Trailer
The Newport 1100 portable restroom trailer has the simplicity of class and comfort.  This restroom trailer has a porcelain flush toilet on each side of the separate men’s and women’s sections.  Additionally, each side has its own full sized sink with running water to wash up.  Its faux rich mahogany interior gives warmth and opulence, and with a touch of marble finish that approaches the extravagant.  With hot and cold running water, thermostat adjustable air conditioning to control the elements inside, why not have a portable restroom available for your gatherings? 

The Newport 1100 Sink & Stainless Cabinet
The Newport 1100 Mirror & Cabinet
With Memorial Day just around the corner, you know that there are plenty of outdoor activities where you can appreciate the warm sun against your skin, and get some fresh air.  What better way than to rent the Newport 1100 portable restroom trailer to accommodate your activities? You’ll be glad that you did! With the Newport restroom trailer, you can have it placed at your event or activity, in a park, in the back of your home, even at the beach.  So why not call CALLAHEAD and arrange your Newport 1100 portable restroom trailer now!

The Newport 1100 Flushing Toilet
The Newport 1100 Flushing Toilet
You can easily go to and browse around and see what suits your fanny – oops, I meant fancy, lol!  Or, you can simply call 1.800.634.2085, and one of their representatives will gladly assist you, and make your activity memorable!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plaza Restroom Trailer Rental Exudes Oodles of Elegance.

When Callahead created The Plaza restroom trailer rental, its intention was to capture the hearts of the people here in New York, while giving luxury to their homes, businesses, events, private affairs and so on.

The Plaza Restroom Trailer Rental
The Plaza Restroom Trailer Rental Exudes Elegance
When you enter The Plaza restroom trailer you will be in awe of its delightful d├ęcor, which takes you back in time, when luxurious elements were hard to come by, and unaffordable to the masses.  The idea of a portable, classy bathroom could not be imagined, until now.  Callahead created it and made it possible for all to obtain the experience that such luxury and elegance offer.  

The Plaza Women's Restroom Vanity
Women's Restroom Vanity with Full Length Mirror
The women’s restroom is spacious, with plenty of room for several guests to move about.  It offers four private enclosed stalls with two porcelain basin sinks, flower arrangements, and a full length mirror to check yourself out before returning to the event.  The artwork which is pleasing to the eyes captures the New York experience.  The men’s area is equally spacious and pleasing.  It offers two private enclosed restrooms, four divided private urinals, two porcelain basin sinks, flower arrangements, and stunning artwork, as is found in the women’s side.

The Plaza Beautiful Framed Artwork
Beautiful Framed Artwork
So if you are looking for a restroom trailer rental that surpasses your guest’s expectations, look no further, Callahead will provide you with all your needs, and answer any of your questions.  Just look them up on the web (, or call 1-800-634-2085 and one of their friendly reps will help you decided which one of their many restroom trailer suits your event.  Hurry now and plan ahead, to be sure that your rental is locked in!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Portable Restroom Trailers: Consider The Equestrian Trailer from Callahead

The Equestrian is one of many CALLAHEAD sophisticated portable restroom trailers catering to many different types of events, such as baptisms, communions, graduations, weddings, and any other special event that you may have. The Equestrian provides all your necessary needs, from private bathroom stalls, to urinals for men, to full length mirrors; in short, all the restroom amenities needed to help your planned event be a resounding success.

The Equestrian - One of  Callahead's Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers
The Equestrian - One of  Callahead's Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers
When you enter the Equestrian you are blown away by its sophistication elegance and charm.  You won't believe it's a portable restroom trailer!  With all the amenities provided, you could only wonder, how is it possible to have such luxury in a portable bathroom trailer? From its fine artwork to all the intricate details in the wood trim around the walls and doors, porcelain sinks etc. etc.  You truly have to see this to believe it!

Verde Marble Vanity with Recesssed Porcelain Sink
Verde Marble Vanity with Recesssed Porcelain Sink
CALLAHEAD luxurious portablerestroom trailers are designed to give you that pampering you need to feel right at home – similar to a five-star hotel. One of the private stalls in the women’s bathroom even provides a baby changing station, giving your guests the ease of caring for an infant.  Set up of the equestrian trailer only takes 30 minutes to hook up to a 110 V outlet or a power generator.  Upon request, you could have an attendant available to provide your guests the experience of being personally attended to.

Framed Artwork throughout Entire Portable Restroom Trailer
Framed Artwork throughout Entire Portable Restroom Trailer
So feel free to call CALLAHEAD at 1-800-634-2085, (or visit to speak with a representative to help you make a decision, and where you want to set up your portable restroom trailer. Why not stand out from the rest, and give your guests the very best? CALLAHEAD will provide that service for you, so that you can have one less thing to worry about, and come out smelling like a rose! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The Job-Site HEAD is the most recommended construction bathroom trailer for all kinds of worksites hat depend on quality, sanitary and sturdy portable toilet solutions. In addition to construction job sites, this versatile portable toilet can also be used in places like marinas, car lots, parking lots and garages, truck and lumber yards.

The Job Site Head Construction Bathroom Trailer

The Job-Site Head trailer is constructed using twin sheet polyethylene panels, making it the strongest portable toilet on the market today,
The exterior is comprised of trustworthy colors, blending in with the environment of concrete and machinery; they speak of strength and durability. A hoisting cable is available upon request, where raising or lowering the toilet on a construction site may be necessary.

Peddle-Flush Porcelain Toilets Throughout Bathroom Trailer
Peddle-Flush Porcelain Toilets Throughout Bathroom Trailer

Many features set this above in standards, such as the large 80 gallon holding tank for water as opposed to standard 60 gallon tanks used in the portable toilet industry today. This construction bathroom trailer is designed to service about 9-11 people on an average 40- hour work week…about 125 uses.  
 Other very important features to note are:
·         14 built in air vents for an odor-free environment (given proper usage)
·         Built-in Antiseptic Gel Dispenser to sanitize hands before leaving bathroom
·         Comfortable no-touch toilet
·         No splash urinal
·         Coat/hat hook
·         Inset mirror
·         Convenience shelves
·         All Stainless Steel hardware used

Foyer Entrance on Men's Side includes Urinals
Foyer Entrance on Men's Side includes Urinals

For more details on the design and features of The Job Site Head, contact the company’s website at to see this and all of the other portable restroom trailer options available. There are many, so feel free to call one of the customer representatives at 1-800-634-2085 for any assistance or questions that you may have.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Driftwood, a Most Luxurious Restroom Trailer Rental

If you are having a gala affair, with wonderfully dressed people and you are thinking of the best restroom trailer rental to suit the needs of your guests…. then look no further.  The Driftwood Luxury Trailer, has all the amenities that your guests could need, in a five-star luxury hotel-style, complete with a professional restroom attendant available upon request.
Vanity, Sink and Toilet view inside Driftwood Trailer Restroom Trailer Rental
Vanity, Sink, and Toilet view inside Driftwood Trailer
With many aesthetically pleasing features that lend a feel of sophistication; CALLAHEAD ‘S President and CEO, Charles W. Howard, created this trailer to mimic the accommodations found in castles, mansions and luxury resorts, blending contemporary and old world elegance.

Women’s restrooms are comprised of two completely private stalls with floor to ceiling, lockable wood doors. Porcelain, pedal flush toilets give one a hands free experience.   Beautiful works of art and flower arrangements, and lovely little touches like brilliant lead crystal doorknobs and elegant vine pattern steeple hinges on the doors, give an ambience of regality that would have befitted the finest of turn of the century homes. Men have the same amenities, with one private stall and two porcelain, waterless, odor-free urinals, separated by wood trim dividers to ensure privacy.
Luxurious Porcelain Flush Toilets in this Restroom Trailer Rental
Luxurious Porcelain Flush Toilets in this Restroom Trailer Rental
All of CALLAHEAD restroom rentals are served and maintained by the strictest of OSHA regulations.  All cleaning agents are hospital grade, and sanitation is processed so that your guests have an odorless experience.    The Driftwood is specially designed to handle large volume of traffic for short term rentals, hygienically.  They are brought to your location and set up is easily done within 30 minutes.  All that is needed is a reliable 110v source of electricity of generator.

So, whether it is formal or informal, a ceremony or a bridal shower, or any special event where a large group of people will be in attendance, this luxury restroom trailer rental will serve their needs in style.

Vintage Steeple Hinge
Vintage Steeple Hinge

For a more complete viewing of The Driftwood  and all other luxury restroom trailer rentals, look up the website at .  To speak to someone personally, call one of the expert sales staff who are always ready to help @ 1-800-634-2085.