Friday, October 30, 2015

Impress Your Guests Today With CALLAHEAD's Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer

The Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer
Throughout the NYC area, many luxurious parties and events are taking place. At such elegant events, a proper restroom should be provided. The best quality restroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD CORP. One of their most exclusive trailers is the Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer. This trailer is ideal for weddings, celebrations, or other formal events. The design of the Versailles is to have a French Louis XIV style. The Versailles can be rented at any time. This is the ultimate restroom that is guaranteed to impress all of your guests.

This restroom trailer has separate women and men’s bathroom. The women's bathroom has five spacious stalls. The men's restroom has two private bathroom stalls and four order less urinals. Both restroom vanities has double sinks and lighted mirrors. Beautiful artwork is displayed all around the trailer. There are also lots of elegant features such as faux maple wood flooring, antique brass door handles, maple shells in each stall, skylights and many more. Thermostats, air conditioners, heaters and central sound systems are all installed inside.

Trailer Interior

The Versailles has all the amenities to make your experience a pleasurable one. Don't miss an opportunity to rent this one of a kind trailer. Speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085 to rent the Versailles or other luxurious restroom trailers. For more on this unique trailer, visit the company's website at Renting a CALLAHEAD restroom trailer is worth the investment and will have hundreds of people very satisfied.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Of CALLAHEAD's Most Dependable Portable Toilet Trailers, The Mobile Comfort Station

Every day thousands of New Yorkers work extremely hard at construction sites or other outside environments. Most of the time they are not provided with an appropriate restroom. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they provide many portable toilet trailers that make users feel like they are right at home. One of their most elegant portable toilet trailers is the Mobile Comfort Station. This trailer offers complete privacy and all the amenities suitable for their needs. Workers will appreciate this trailer because it will improve their working conditions and they will feel a lot more comfortable. 

Mobile Comfort Station
The trailer has many features that you wouldn't find in other portable toilet trailers. The exterior of the trailer is a smooth grey and the interior is a pristine white. It has a fully carpeted floor and individual restrooms. The mobile comfort station is one of the most sanitary trailers they have available. Soap dispensers, paper towel holders and seat pad dispensers are all equipped inside the trailer. One of the coolest features that this trailer has is that the toilet is in aviation style flush system. The sink has a self-closing faucet and the vanity area also has a lighted mirror.

Trailer Interior
It's always important for your workers to have a safe and pleasurable working experience. The Mobile Comfort Station can ensure all of that. This trailer can absolutely be trusted because all of the equipment are completely durable and functional. If you wish to rent this remarkable trailer or other portable toilet trailers speak to an expert sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more information please visit the company's website at This is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Presenting One Of The Most Impressive Bathroom Trailers Currently Available, The Double Head Trailer by CALLAHEAD

Portable bathroom trailers are always needed and required at job sites. CALLAHEAD CORP provides the larges variety of portable toilets. One of their bathroom trailers, the Double Head trailer, was designed to make it easier for portable toilets to be transported. This trailer is easy to attach to any truck or any small vehicle. The Double Head trailer allows your portable restroom to get to your destination quickly and safely. Locations such as beaches, construction sites, weddings and parties would all benefit from this rental.
The Double Head Trailer
The Double Head trailer can carry two full-size portable toilets. For safety reasons this trailer has tail lights and it's equipped with reflectors as well. It also has a lockable anti-theft tongue. The tires of this trailer is very durable and reliable. Any standard CALLAHEAD portable toilet is recommended for this type of trailer.
Can carry up to 2 standard CALLAHEAD portable toilets

CALLAHEAD has been providing customers with the best portable toilets. They deliver and offer great quality services to all five boroughs of New York. The Double Head trailer is one of the most reliable bathroom trailers currently available. If you wish to rent a Double Head today, speak to an expert specialist at 1-800-634-2085 or for more photos and videos visit the company's website at This is the perfect trailer for any special event and it will fufill the workers or the guests needs.

Monday, October 5, 2015

One of CALLAHEAD's Most Exclusive VIP restroom trailers, The Newport 1600!

New York is known for its iconic attractions and its luxurious scenery. When guests attend parties, gatherings or other special events, they deserve to have a 5-star treatment. One way to impress your guests, is by renting VIP restroom trailers. The Newport 1600 by CALLAHEAD, is the ideal restroom trailer to have in order to provide the best VIP experience for your guests. This is one of the most elegant trailers is currently available. Guests or customers will embrace the Newport 1600 because it has all the amenities needed for a comfortable feeling.

The Newport 1600

The Newport 1600 provides the highest quality equipment. This trailer contains heat and air conditioner. Everyone loves checking themselves in the mirror so each sink is equipped with one. For a more cozy experience, a stereo sound system is built inside the trailer. The outside of the trailer has a rich navy blue color. Meanwhile the interior has a foax marble and wood finish. The men's bathroom has three roomy urinals, one stall and two vanities while the women's bathroom has three spacious stalls and two vanities. The Newport 1600 is very clean and sanitary as it provides paper towel dispensers as well as two soap dispensers. Guests will never have to worry because Callahead guarantees sanitary services.

Trailer Interior
The Newport 1600 is very affordable and reliable. Everything inside the trailer is fully functional. To rent this luxurious trailer or any other VIP restroom trailers, talk to a specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. If you wish to search for more photos or read more about the Newport 1600 visit the company's website at You will never be disappointed with the quality, design or features of any of their restroom trailers.