Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Restroom Trailer Rental | The Plaza by Callahead

Restroom Trailer Rental / The Plaza
Restroom Trailer Rental / The Plaza
Hey guys and girls, soon you'll be graduating from high school, and looking forward to your well-deserved summer vacation.  And wouldn't it be nice to have a weekend party at the beach?  Besides your food and drink, all you really need is The Plaza restroom trailer rental from Callahead.   With The Plaza Restroom Trailer you will feel free of worries, and feel at home knowing that the facilities are clean, modern, and most accommodating. 

In entering the Restroom Trailer via a floating staircase with stainless steel handrails, you automatically are drawn to its fine decor.  From its black and white color scheme, to its faux marble walls and black and white flooring, you will be delighted that you rented this bathroom trailer!  It has a sunroof in the foyer in each restroom, so that you can gaze up into the sky. 

The Plaza Floating Staircase
The Plaza Floating Staircase
The ladies restroom accommodates four ladies (4) at any given time, with two (2) vessel sinks to wash away any excess sand from having fun in the sun.  The gentlemen's section is equipped with two (2) bathroom stalls, three (3) urinals and two (2) vessel sinks as well.  And if the night gets chilly, you can turn on the heat, or if it's a very hot night, you can turn up the air conditioner to your desired temperature.  You also have the option to listen to AM/FM radio, or play CD music of your own choosing.

The Plaza Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sinks
The Plaza Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sinks
So give the Plaza Restroom Trailer Rental a gander.  And be the first of your friends to call CALLAHEAD at 1-800-634-2058 for that evening that you won't forget.  Remember the night belongs to you.  So visit CALLAHEAD at www.Callahead.com and get started.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bathroom Trailer Rental: The Industrial from Callahead

Bathroom Trailer Rental:  The Industrial
Bathroom Trailer Rental;  The Industrial
Have a project in mind, and don't know where to start?  Look at The Industrial Bathroom Trailer Rental, from Callahead.  That's your first priority, knowing that you’re going to be able to use the facility in that time of need.  We all have to use the bathroom, and it's comforting to know that you have the Industrial bathroom trailer rental to provide that necessity.

Callahead is the one number in providing portable toilet trailers in all the five (5) boroughs, plus Westchester, Suffolk County, and Nassau County as well.  Callahead's been around since 1976, making sure that when you need a bathroom trailer their available to provide that service. And with so many Bathroom Trailer Rentals available, you have options to choose from.  You have the single porta potty for that one man job, also your basic trailers, then The Industrial, that helps things move along quicker.  You have lavish bathroom trailers for that gathering to show you care, and when you are ready to express your sophisticated side, you go all the way to extravagant.  So it all depends on what you’re planning for, or what job site project you’re working on.  You can count on Callahead to help with that decision.

The Industrial Men's Urinals
The Industrial Men's Urinals
So if you’re thinking about The Industrial bathroom trailer rental, the interior is a strong bold black with stainless steel accents, suited appropriate for a man (although The Industrial is equipped for women as well).  This trailer also provides overhead lighting, two stainless steel basins, five private bathroom stalls, mirror, and necessary toiletries.  The men's bathroom has three waterless odorless modern urinals, with two private bathroom stalls, mirror and necessary toiletries.

The Industrial Women's Bathroom
The Industrial Women's Bathroom
So when that new project comes along, don't forget to go to Callahead, for great service that you won't forget.  Look them up at http://www.callahead.com, or speak with a sales representative to assist and complete your project at 1-800-634-2085.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Job Site Trailer Construction Bathroom Trailer To Suit The Needs Of Your Project

Construction Bathroom Trailer - The Job Site
Construction Bathroom Trailer - The Job Site
I recently moved into a new area and noticed that there was a lot of renovation construction being done to the homes, and on one property there was a Construction Bathroom Trailer by the Callahead Corp., named ‘The Job Site’.

And being that I was new in the neighborhood, I decided to go walk around to see the area.  It just so happened that I ran into my neighbor, who had been living there since he got married, twenty years prior.  We began speaking about all the upgrades being done to the homes, and he mentioned that each site had a different construction bathroom trailer.  He explained to me that it had to do with the amount of workers – you had to have a certain amount of portable bathrooms per number of construction workers.  Rather than have a bunch of individual porta potties lined up, these people decided to simply rent a trailer for their construction job sites. 

The Job Site Men's Urinals
The Job Site Men's Urinals
For instance, there was a 35 foot trailer on one of the properties.  I looked at the logo, and realized that almost everyone was using CALLAHEAD for their construction bathroom trailer.  I asked him about The Job Site Trailer from Callahead, he said that's definitely the way to go.  Its interior will wake up any tired or overworked employee, with its bright vivid orange against the gray floor. It definitely had a construction vibe!

The Job Site Bathroom Trailer
The Job Site Bathroom Trailer
The ‘Job Site’ construction bathroom trailer can accommodate both men and women on the job site to help the project move along faster.  In the men's section it has two (2) hands free porcelain pedal flush toilets inside private bathroom stalls and four (4) waterless porcelain urinals.  It also has two (2) faux Corian vanity countertops with sinks and running water.  And let us not forget about the women's section, having five (5) hands free porcelain pedal flush bathroom stalls, two (2) faux Corian vanity countertops with sinks, and of course, all your basic amenities.  To complete it all, set up time is only thirty minutes, and will be serviced as often as needed.

So I will be expecting to see the company Callahead continue putting together all the projects in this area.  Their web site is WWW.CALLAHEAD.COM, and there toll free number is 1-800-634-2085, if you are looking for a construction bathroom trailer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Westchester Portable Restroom Trailers For Your Daughter's Sweet 16

The Westchester Portable Restroom Trailers for your Daughter's Sweet 16
Portable Restroom Trailers - The Westchester
You look forward to your daughter's first major event -- an event that opens the door to a future of beautiful promises.  Within time, you’ll look forward to an even greater event, a wedding in the future.  So to create this lavish Sweet Sixteen event, I rented The Westchester bathroom trailer, one of Callahead’s portable restroom trailers.  

My daughter had mentioned a while ago, that one of her friends had a bathroom trailer at her brother's bachelor party.  Well that's what sparked the idea about renting from Callahead.  I did my research about the company, to see that they are tops in the portable toilet trailer industry.  The fact remains that they offered what no one else offers.  And that, my friends, helped me make my decision.

The Westchester Bathroom Sink Vanity with Mirror
The Westchester Bathroom Sink  Vanity
Callahead is known for their extravagant and luxurious portable restroom trailers.  This trailer will accommodate all of her friends, parents, and most of all -- make it easy-going on me and my family.  

The Westchester Men's Urinals
The Westchester Men's Urinals
When you look inside the trailer, you think you walked into someone's country home bathroom.  The warm colors from the walls to the wide plank Armstrong floor throughout the whole portable restroom trailer leaves you in awe.  The artwork is framed in Renaissance gold to bring out the beauty of the artist.  The floral arrangements against the faux Corian marble countertop, pulls together the whole concept of a new revolution in the portable restroom trailers industry.

So if you’re planning an event anytime soon, check out Callahead's web page at www.callahead.com.  There is a wide selection to choose from.  Make a choice, and talk with one of their friendly sales persons at the 1-800-634-2085, to complete your experience.

Monday, May 16, 2016

RESTROOM TRAILERS | The Modern Trailer For Father's Day's Event

Restroom Trailers - The Modern Trailer for Father's Day's Event
Restroom Trailers/The Modern Trailer for Father's Day
I wasn't sure what to do for Father's Day, but then I remembered that a couple of years ago, neighbors down the road from us, rented from a company call CALLAHEAD.  And on their property they had the Modern Restroom Trailer – one of CALLAHEAD’S restroom trailers.  The neighbors had a big outing, and boy, they had to rent three (3) of these Restroom Trailers. 

Now my dad has a lot of golf friends, and they are always hanging out.  So I decided to look into this company.  They have the Modern Trailer Restroom that you can rent for a day, or long term if that's what you need.  (All of their Restroom Trailers rent for short term, long term or day rental).  I browsed around and it was hard to narrow it down.  There are so many to choose from -- I needed help.  I decided to call and speak with one of their sales representatives, who was very patient, and extremely helpful. 

Restroom Trailer Private Bathroom
Restroom Trailer Private Bathroom
Well, with all that I narrowed it down to the Modern Restroom Trailer.  My dad's friends are kind of young and very modern, and up to date.  And being that this trailer is modern and up to date, why not?

Its exterior is brilliant white with lighting for the night time action.  Its interior is black and gray with stainless steel accents, the art work contemporary and stylish.  On the women’s side, it has the touch of a women with floral arrangements.  Also, you have antibacterial soap, tissue holder, hand towels and candy dish so you can freshen your breath.  And if you’re anything like me, music is a must, and the Restroom Trailers have surround sound systems; you just play whatever your heart desires.  And to top it off, a thermostat to control the temperature inside.  So if it's warm out use the A/C with thermostat control, and if it's chilly, crank the heat to provide warmth. 

Restroom Trailer Thermostat Control
Restroom Trailer Thermostat Control
 So do yourself a favor, and call Callahead, at 800-634-2085, and let them take care of your event as I have.  You can visit their web site at www.callahead.com.   You will be satisfied!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Restroom Trailers New York | The SoHo Restroom Trailer

 Restroom Trailers New York - The Soho Restroom Trailer
Restroom Trailers New York The Soho Restroom Trailer
A couple of years ago I want to the San Gennaro festival in New York City, and in the midst of everything was the SoHo RestroomTrailers New York from Callahead.   People were lining up to use the facilities.   And with good cause.  Besides needing to use the bathroom, the curiosity, like a cat was getting the best of me.  And I am not one to use outside toilets, bathroom, or porta potties.  But when nature calls, you answer or you pay.  And I didn't want to pay, so to speak, so I resolved to check it out.

The Soho Restroom Trailer  Heavy Wide Steps
The Soho Heavy Wide Steps
One of the first things that I noticed was the heavy duty wide steps to enter into the restroom, and the separately marked entrance and exit doors on both men and women’s entrances.  Both bathrooms are private, and once your lock the door, on the exterior theirs a sign that illuminates “Occupied”.  And my favorite, the ease of flushing the porcelain toilet’s pedal for the hands free action.  You know us women need our hands free.

The Soho Porcelain Toilet
The Soho Restroom Porcelain Toilet with Pedal Flush
 There's a men section as well.  Who would have imagined that there would be two sections to a trailer like this?  The men's bathroom has a private stall with a separate Kohler porcelain waterless urinal.  There are framed artworks in both sections of the SoHo Restroom Trailers of classic and nouveau subjects.  Also included are floral arrangements for that touch of home, soap to wash your hands, paper towels to dry your hands, which you then dispose of in the built-in trash receptacle.  A large mirror is included to make sure that you’re still looking good, before facing the crowd again – yay! 

With all that being said, I will not hesitate to use a porta potty from Callahead in the future.  Especially if it's the SoHo restroom trailers New York

The Soho Restroom Callahead Signage
The Soho Restroom Callahead Signage

I was pleasantly surprised to have carefree luxury in a trailer.  Hopefully this year the San Gennaro festival will have another Callahead portable toilet trailer available.  And I won't hesitate to use the bathroom.  So if you’re planning a festival, check out their web site (www.callahead.com), and look around.  And if you need help in choosing a Bathroom Trailer, call the toll free number (800-634-2085) and speak with one of their professional experts at choosing what fits your needs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Be Free With the Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet Trailers by Callahead

The Be Free with The Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet Trailers
The Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet Trailers
Have you ever noticed when you're on a plane and you use the bathroom, there's a sense of cleanness, as if things just vanish into thin air?  Well, with the Mobile Comfort Station PortableToilet Trailers, you will feel as though it cleans itself.  Just by looking at its exterior you can see it's durability to withstand weather conditions, just like an aircraft is able to withstand the force of air pressure.

With the CALLAHEAD Mobile Comfort Station portable toilet trailers, you need not concern yourself with outlets or electrical power.  The Mobile Comfort Station is designed to be completely solar powered.  With an odor free environment, and high tech vacuum flush, you have less to concern yourself with.
With the Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet Trailers, you have choices like 2, 4 or even 8 units, depending on the amount of workers, or your needs.

The Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet
The Mobile Comfort Station Portable Toilet
Callahead provides different options for different customers:
You have the winterized package for that year round project, then Winterized Solar Package which has the DC-27 Maintenance free battery 10 watts solar panel, Hand wash/warm water power converter, City water connection Dump valves Dispenser kit - it goes on and on, you stop where you no longer need options.

The Mobile Comfort Individual Portable Toilet Trailer
The Mobile Individual Portable Toilet Trailer
Callahead has been rated number one for a good reason.  They have taken into account all possibilities when it comes to the needs of the public.  From your basic to extravagant, there's no stopping when Callahead gets involved.  So arrange to rent your Mobile Comfort Station Portable ToiletTrailers now and got started.  Just look them up at http://www.callahead.com or give them a call at 1-800-634-2085.  They are there to help you make that project a success!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Bathroom Trailers | The Double Head from Callahead

The Double Head Bathroom Trailers from Callahead
The Double Head Bathroom Trailers
I flew into New York City on a vacation for the first time, and I must say it's really so amazing, to see the  city moving, at such a speed, so many things going on, it's mind blowing.  Everything goes in New York City.  I've heard that phrase so many times, I can agree. Some of my friends and I got together and we went to a park where there was a free concert.  Who would image such a thing, but there it was.  Music was nice, people were excited about the band, but I was curious, where do people use the facilities, in a park that's so big?  My friends assured me not to worry.  We moved around a little to find The Callahead Double Head Bathroom Trailers.  They were right, not to worry. 

The Double Head Marker Lights and Reflectors
The Double Head Marker Lights and Reflectors
There was a line to use the Double Head Bathroom Trailers, but the line moved quickly.  I was shocked that a bathroom with so much usage didn’t smell, and had the necessary items for a public park facility. Then the park ranger came with two more of the Callahead Double Head Bathroom Trailers.  I asked if there was something wrong, he said no, just need to place the other two at the far end of the park. 

The Double Head in White
The Double Head Trailer in White
I started speaking with the park ranger, about the facilities; he mentioned that when there's a concert or event where theirs going to be a lot of foot traffic, they rent from Callahead.  They have relied on Callahead to provide a service that they know the public will be pleased with. They find that the double head restroom trailers are easy to maneuver, for they can easily be placed on any flatbed truck and be placed easily and safely without a big problem.  For the Park Rangers, Callahead comes in at number one for durability, safety, and cleanliness.  So, if you are in need of the Double Head Bathroom Trailers, just call Callahead at 1-800-634-2085, or visit their web page: www.callahead.com.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wedding Restroom Trailers - The Cambridge from Callahead Evokes the Essence of Victorian Times

The Cambridge Wedding Restroom Trailers
The Cambridge Wedding Restroom Trailers
I was invited to attend a wedding out in the Hamptons this weekend.  Boy, am I glad that I accepted the invitation.  Never would I have thought of renting a trailer for an event so important.  But there it was, The Cambridge, one of Callahead’s wedding restroom trailers.  The wedding was outside in a beautiful court yard with a view like no other, and across the path there had been placed The Cambridge Restroom Trailer.  

The Cambridge Restroom for Men
The Cambridge Restroom for Men
Of course, everyone was in awe with the Bride and groom.  But I noticed that a lot of the guests like me were interested in the Callahead Restroom Trailer.  By the way, that's the company that provides this kind of lavish Restroom Trailers.  I had a moment to speak with the bride's parents only to learn that they had also rented from Callahead for their son’s wedding.  

The Cambridge Private Bathroom with Locking Doors
Private Bathroom with Locking Doors
Callahead Restroom Trailers range from basic to extravagant all the way to luxurious, providing the needs of their customers, as well as a service like no other.  Callahead is the #1 in company in New York that provides portable toilets and offers such detailed Restroom Trailers.  Their trailers are all unique.  For example, when you enter The Cambridge Restroom Trailer, you automatically find yourself looking around in disbelieve -wow!  Look at how the bathroom trailer's planked faux wood Armstrong flooring extends throughout the entire trailer.  The interior walls have 3-foot dark mahogany wood wainscoting that is at the normal chair rail height. The faux granite gray walls continue from the wainscoting up to the ceilings mahogany crown moldings. 

Old world trim work includes base moldings, chair rail moldings, along with a basket weaved mahogany wood moldings around each door and skylight, leaving no detail unfinished.  The opulent double sconce light fixtures are a solid French brass with ribbed glass shades.  One can go on talking about all the details, but if you’re interested in wedding restroom trailers , it's best just to go to Callahead web site (www.callahaead.com), browse around and make your choice.  You can also easily call 1-800-634-2085 for assistance, and they will gladly guide you through to make your experience one to remember.

Monday, May 2, 2016

VIP Restroom Trailers - The Newport 1600 Series is located right here in New York!

VIP RESTROOM TRAILERS - The Newport 1600 Restroom Trailer
VIP RESTROOM TRAILERS - The Newport 1600 Restroom Trailer
My girlfriend invited my husband and I to come see where she just bought land to build her new home.  It didn't surprise us when we drove up to see that their on her new property line sat The Newport 1600 VIP Restroom Trailers.

I right away had to ask her about these trailers.  She said, "If you accommodate your workers with the ease of using the bathroom, your new home will take less time to build and your workers will appreciate that you considered their needs".  So with that, she provided them with not one, but two of The Newport 1600 VIP Restroom Trailers from Callahead.  

The Newport 1600 Double Sinks with Mirror
The Newport 1600 Double Sinks with Mirror
Each trailer sits on opposite ends of the property, so that her workers don't need to walk to the other side of the lot to use the bathroom.  And seeing that she hired so many workers, these trailers would definitely provide their needs. So I asked her if I could look inside to see what it was like, and I was amazed at how well thought out this restroom trailer really was.  It has two sections, one for men, and one for women. 

The Newport 1600  - 3 Urinals for Men
The Newport 1600  - 3 Urinals for Men
 The Newport 1600 VIP Restroom Trailers includes heating & air conditioning, four custom sink vanities with automatic hot & cold water and stainless steel cabinets underneath, exterior & interior lights, two paper towel dispensers, and two soap dispensers.  It also includes ventilation, a stereo sound system, 3 automatic flush porcelain toilets on the women’s side, and one on the men’s side.  On the men’s side, it also has three automatic flush urinals.  Included throughout are decorative mirrors, and a rich navy blue exterior with silver leaf signage.  

When Callahead provides a service they go all out for their customers.  So, if you’re building your new home, hey, go all the way, and give Callahead a call – 800-634-2085.  Or just look them up on line, and you will find that even their web site is easy to navigate (www.callahead.com).  And if you would like to speak with a representative, they are there to assist you, and make your decision according to your needs.