Monday, March 17, 2014

Complete Your New York Portable Toilet Experience with CALLAHEAD's Porta Potty Accessories

Do you want to make your New York porta potty rental stand out from the crowd? Add on one of CALLAHEAD's portable toilet accessories to give everyone the pleasant bathroom experience they deserve

You are already blown away by the vast and varied selection of portable toilets, restroom trailers, guard sheds, and other convenient solutions that CALLAHEAD has for rent for New York City’s construction sites and special events. But did you know that CALLAHEAD also offers one-of-a-kind accessory items to provide you with a completely customized portable toilet experience?

It’s true. They are always listening to the wants and needs of their customers and developing add-on features to keep everyone happy. Here are a few ways that CALLAHEAD’s many portable toilet accessories can improve your New York porta potty usage.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors
CALLAHEAD already has many features in place to help their portable toilets remain odor free, such as flushable toilets, top of the line cleaning service, ample ventilation along with other trade secrets. However, with the continuous usage that occurs in many public restroom situations, sometimes it’s difficult to eliminate the odors from previous users. That’s why CALLAHEAD developed the HEADMIST

HeadMist Automatic Air freshener by CALLAHEAD
With this simple addition, you can be confident that you will have the best smelling porta potty in NYC.  So if someone is waiting in line to use a CALLAHEAD New York portable toilet, the Headmist time released air freshener will automatically eliminate odors to immediately provide a pleasant smelling porta potty for every user. 

The HEADMIST easily mounts to any portable toilet in New York that CALLAHEAD offers, providing a burst of freshness that is time released.   With this special add-on, you can keep your guests or workers happy, eliminating any hesitations they have about using a porta potty rental in New York. And you never have to worry about it running out or changing batteries because it will be maintained 100% by CALLAHEAD at their regularly scheduled service intervals.

Ensure Clean Toilets
It’s a fact that people are afraid of public toilets, with good reason. They have to put their most vulnerable body parts on a surface that was just touched by someone. To say that sitting on a public toilet seat is the same as sharing a toothbrush with a stranger would be an understatement. So what do people do? They either squat (making a huge mess) or spread toilet paper or paper towels on the toilet seat before using it (wasting supplies and leaving remnants on the floor). Clearly, neither of these are very good options.

CALLAHEAD understands the need for a hygienic surface to sit on while using the restroom. Yes, they do use hospital-grade disinfectants to keep the entire unit spotless, but they take the sanitation of the toilet seat a step further. They are proud to be the first portable toilet rental company in NYC to offer HEADLINERS,
HeadLiners Toilet Seat Covers by CALLAHEAD
HeadLiners Toilet Seat Covers by CALLAHEAD
biodegradable toilet seat covers that give your guests or workers complete peace of mind when using the restroom. They come in packs of 250 liners (refilled as needed) and are mounted directly above the seat for convenient use. When you have HEADLINERS in your New York porta potty rental, you don’t have to worry about the germs and bacteria waiting for you on the toilet seat.  This small accessory for your portable toilet will go a long way in appreciation by those using the porta potty.  HEADLINERS will be particularly appreciated by women and children, but also a necessity for a man’s hygienic protection as well. 

Improve Interior Temperatures
New York summers are hot; there is no doubt about it. The result is that the interior of any portable toilet or guard shed can get uncomfortable. When using a Guard Shed, this can lead to miserable employees that represent your company in a sub-par way. However, with CALLAHEAD’s Air Conditioner, this no longer has to be a worry.
Air Conditioner by CALLAHEAD

The Air Conditioner can be effortlessly installed and maintained by CALLAHEAD on any of their Guard Shed, Portashed, or PORTAHEAD rentals. The Frigidaire system will keep your unit the perfect temperature with its automatic fan and air conditioning settings. It even features an auto-off timer and energy efficient options to ensure you are not spending too much to keep it running. With the Air Conditioner, you will have willing employees that work hard to get the job done.

Transport with Ease
What good are all of these amazing accessories if your employees have to waste paid time getting back and forth from the restroom, costing you a surprising amount of labor? With CALLAHEAD’s Over Head Steel Sling, you can have a New York porta potty placed virtually anywhere you need it.
Over Head Steel Sling
Over Head Steel Sling
If you have a crane, CALLAHEAD has the rest covered. From bridges to sky rises to sewers, the Over Head Steel Sling allows CALLAHEAD to transport any standard size portable toilet in New York to the most effective location for the jobsite, saving your workers time and you money.

Accessories by CALLAHEAD are unmatched in their field.  They offer the most variety in equipment along with their guaranteed sanitary service every time.  CALLAHEAD’s service areas include New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island including Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point, and all of Westchester

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