Friday, August 19, 2011

Solid Gold Toilet

Solid Gold Toilet

The gold spot is $1,854.00 per OUNCE this morning, and you can imagine how happy Hong Kong entrepreneur Lam Sai-wing is, what with his solid gold bathroom, including this SOLID GOLD Toilet!

Mr. Lam, in case you don't know, owns a retail jewelry business in Hong Kong (Hang Fung Gold Technology), and created a small golden palace as a marketing ploy, which at its peak, has contained more than 6 TONS of gold! (see the Wall Street Journal's slide-show here)

Look, I like to live large like the next guy, but I don't know if I'll EVER get to use something like that, LOL! In the meantime, I know that I can count on renting VIP toilets and other specialized temporary restrooms from CallAHead Corp in New York!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celebrity sighting! ... and Britney Spears as well!

Britney Spears with Porta Potty

That's right -- Britney is no stranger to porta potties: she recently worked on a sketch from "Jackass 3", where she was catapulted through the air, while inside a fully loaded Porta-Potty. (See the video on Ryan Seacrest's website).

It's no surprise then, to see her photographed with the #1 Porta Potty in New York, CallAHead! So when YOU feel like being treated like a celebrity, go with the best, and forget the rest!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How is YOUR Porta Potty being transported?

Over the years a variety of methods have been used to transport porta potties, including the one above!

One company that believes in using the latest technology to help transport their porta potties is CallAHead. They use GPS-equipped trucks (that are monitored by the home office) to deliver and service their portable restrooms. This helps them avoid traffic jams, as well as just being able to pinpoint a customer's exact location! Is that service, or what?

So if you're in the New York Metro area, and would rather not take a chance when renting a porta potty, just check out CallAHead! (, or just call 1.800.634.2085)