Thursday, December 24, 2015

CALLAHEAD'S Top-Notch Restroom Trailer, The Contractor

Throughout the New York area, many construction workers work under harsh conditions for a long period of time. In most situations, these workers aren’t provided with an appropriate restroom trailer. By renting a high quality restroom trailer, their working conditions will undoubtedly improve. The best quality restroom trailers can be found at CALLAHEAD. At CALLAHEAD CORP, one of their top restroom trailers available for rent is the Contractor’s Restroom Trailer. This trailer is the ideal trailer to have at construction sites or other outdoor work enviroment. The Contractor will fulfill the needs of these workers.

The Contractor restroom would be a great rental. The men’s restroom contains five roomy bathroom stalls and four odor less urinals. Meanwhile the women’s restroom has two private bathroom stalls. In order to keep the restroom trailer clean and sanitary, both restrooms are equipped with hand soap and paper towels. Trash receptacles and paper towel dispensers are also included. Depending on the weather conditions, heaters and air conditioning systems are added inside. To provide safety and protection of each worker, there is a safety lighting that is located above each set of steps. The steps are also heavy duty and wide.

Construction workers need to be provided with a restroom trailer that is safe and reliable. The Contractor’s Restroom provides a homelike restroom comfort. Every construction worker will enjoy all the amenities this trailer has to offer. All equipment inside the trailer are fully functional and durable. If you wish to rent the Contractor today, talk to a sales specialist at 1-800-634-2085 or visit for more pictures and information.

Friday, December 18, 2015

One of CALLAHEAD'S Most Finest Portable Restroom Trailers, The Equestrian

Restroom trailers have been a huge help over the years but it’s time for improvement. Many portable restroom trailers are in need of advance equipment and other amenities. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they have a wide selection of portable restroom trailers with many helpful features. One productive portable restroom trailer is the Equestrian Luxury Restroom Trailer. The Equestrian is guaranteed to leave a great impression to all of your guests. This trailer is ideally use for many special events such as weddings, celebrations, graduations, parties and much more.
The Equestrian Luxury Restroom Trailer
The Equestrian has many impressive features. Most of them you would find in a home bathroom. The Equestrian has an atmosphere similar to one of a 5-star hotel. Custom made paintings are placed all over which gives the interior a pretty decor. The women’s bathroom contains four spacious bathroom. One of the stalls includes a baby changing station. The men’s bathroom has two roomy stalls and three odorless urinals. To provide comfort and entertainment, a music system is installed inside. Other features include heating and air conditioning. Guests always love entering a clean restroom. That is why this trailer includes trash receptacles, fresh water tanks and antibacterial soap.

Trailer interior
The Equestrian is available for delivery throughout all of New York City. If you wish to rent the Equestrian or other portable restroom trailers, speak to one of their expert specialists at 1-800-634-2085. For more information or pictures, visit the company’s website at CALLAHEAD continues to produce outstanding quality restroom trailers. It’s the reason why they are the #1 company in the portable sanitation industry.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

CALLAHEAD's Restroom Trailers NY Launches The Restroom Station!

Plenty of outdoor events take place all over New York City. Many people attend these special events and they deserve to be as cozy as possible. By renting a restroom trailer, guests will have a more pleasurable experience. CALLAHEAD's restroom trailers NY is known for their wide variety of bathroom trailers and their top-notch customer service. One of their top trailers ideally suited for outdoor events is the Restroom Station. With the Restroom Station, guest will never have to worry about their restroom situation.
The Restroom Station
If you want to save time and money, then the Restroom Station would be the ideal choice. The trailer’s exterior is a bright white that will look very attractive in any type of scenery. The trailer contains separate women and men’s restrooms. The women's restroom contains three spacious stalls meanwhile the men's restroom has two roomy stalls. The men's restroom also has three odor less urinals. The Restroom Station also contains both interior and exterior lighting. In order to keep everyone safe, a grab bar is located by the stairs and wide steps that leads to the restroom. Fresh hot and cold water is always provided. Trash receptacles, paper towel receptacles, and soap dispensers are all supplied inside. Guests won’t have to worry about dirtiness. Depending on the weather conditions, overhead air conditioners and heaters are installed inside the trailer.

Trailer Interior
CALLAHEAD's restroom trailers NY can be used for either a short term or long term rental. The Restroom Station is very affordable and reliable. Guests will have a restroom experience like never before. To rent this restroom trailer today, call 1-800-634-2085 and speak to an expert sales specialist. If you wish to view more pictures and information on this amazing trailer, visit the company's website at CALLAHEAD is #1 in the industry in providing great quality service and supplies.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

CALLAHEAD Continues To Create Elegant Restroom Trailers, One Of Them Being The Atlantic

Throughout New York, many celebrations and festivities are taking place. When these activities are taking place, sometimes an appropriate restroom is not provided. Guests want to be comfortable at all times. Renting elegant restroom trailers allows guests to have a better time. The Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer by CALLAHEAD CORP is the one you should rent. The Atlantic is the ideal trailer to use for all sorts of special events such as weddings, ceremonies, parties and much more. The Atlantic has many features that will impress the guests. Guests are guaranteed to have an enjoyable and cozy experience.
Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer
A gorgeous beach d├ęcor can be found inside the trailer. There are separate women's and men's restrooms. The women's restroom contains two private stalls with one having a baby changing station, meanwhile the men's restroom has one spacious stall and two urinals. Exquisite artwork is displayed all over which gives the interior a nice setting. The floor is composed of foax Mosaic tiles. Some other cool features that this trailer has is a central music system, air conditioners, heaters and a thermostat. The door hinges and the door knob plates are composed of  nickel hardware. The trailer is very clean and sanitary as it includes: antibacterial soap, pedal flush toilets and trash receptacles.

Trailer Interior
The Atlantic is one of the most top-tier restroom trailers in stock. This stunning, luxurious restroom is the perfect choice for your event. This is a short term rental so don’t lose an opportunity to rent this special trailer. Speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085 to rent this one of a kind trailer or other elegant restroom trailers. To read more on the Atlantic, please visit the company's website at The Atlantic is sure to pass all of your expectations.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Trailahead 250, One Of CALLAHEAD's Serviceable Toilet Trailers

Construction workers spend many hours during the day working very hard to make sure their task are done. Some workers often don’t enjoy their working conditions due to their restroom situations. These workers need to be provided with great quality toilet trailers. The Trailahead 250 by CALLAHEAD CORP is one of the most impressive toilet trailers in the industry. It will make their working experience a lot better. It allows the construction to work without having any doubts or worries. It is the perfect solution for these construction workers in need of a proper restroom facility.
Trailahead 250
The Trailahead 250 has so many impressive features. The sink vanities has double sinks with mirrors. Six private restroom stalls and 2 standard urinals are all provided inside. To maintain cleanliness, two trash receptacles, 2 soap dispensers, and 2 paper towel dispensers are included. Depending on the weather conditions, heaters and air conditioners are equipped inside. This trailer provides comfort and complete privacy. The Trailahead 250 will be delivered and set up quickly once it’s rented.
Trailer Interior

The Trailahead 250 is very unique due to the fact that it has all the amenities that you would find in your own bathroom. If you wish to rent one of the greatest toilet trailers today, call 1-800-634-2085 and speak to a sales specialist. For more pictures or information, visit CALLAHEAD is always driven to produce the best quality equipment and become the best in the portable toilet industry. CALLAHEAD’s reliable and durable products is guaranteed to fulfill the customer’s needs.