Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best Portable Toilets for Manhasset New York

CALLAHEAD, The Best Portable Toilets for Manhasset, New York

The hamlet of Manhasset, New York, located on the northern shore of Long Island, is home to several well-known areas and fine communities. Some of these areas include The Plandomes, North Hills, Munsey Park and Green Tree. Manhasset enjoys a storied history - from its Native American roots to a favorite area of the Vanderbilts and Strathmores, and onward to become one of the best places for starting a family in the New York area, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Manhasset Valley Park
Manhasset Valley Park - photo credit: Jim Henderson

When the need for porta potties in Manhasset, New York arises, CALLAHEAD is the go-to provider. With extensive and varied luxury portable toilet and restroom trailer options, CALLAHEAD provides the perfect porta potty for Manhasset, New York residents and workers. No other portable toilets in Manhasset, New York meet the VIP standards of CALLAHEAD, which is why you have probably seen a CALLAHEAD portable toilet around Manhasset.
One of the most notable attractions in the Manhasset area is Munsey Park. Originally owned by a French confectioner, Munsey Park was given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art after he passed away. The Museum created a community in the style of colonial America, where each home stands out as an individual design. Visitors can walk along streets with names of famous American artists and view a piece of history. 

As the premiere provider of portable restrooms in Manhasset, New York, CALLAHEAD has a portable toilet or restroom trailer to meet your long term or short term needs. Whether for a special event, a construction job or a more permanent addition, CALLAHEAD has the ideal restroom solution.

One of the more popular porta potties in Manhasset, New York is The Fountain Head portable restroom

Fountain Head Portable Restroom
Fountain Head Portable Restroom by CALLAHEAD Corp.
The Fountain Head portable toilet has everything you would find in your home restroom, and possibly more. With a closed cavity tank – meaning no guest sees any waste – a flushing toilet and a sink, this toilet stands out above the crowd. The Fountain Head even features CALLAHEAD’s HEADLINER, a disposable cover for the toilet seat that ensures sanitary use for every guest!

Another popular portable restroom for Manhasset, New York is The La Femme Toilette, a beautiful portapotty with the female guest in mind. Clean and luxurious, the La Femme ensures all female guests will enjoy a sanitary and satisfactory experience.
CALLAHEAD also offers restroom trailers in multiple sizes – perfect for the larger event or work site.

If you are considering a porta potty in Manhasset, New York, you need look no further than CALLAHEAD. CALLAHEAD features the perfect VIP portable toilets for Manhasset, New York. Whether for parties, special events or construction jobsites, CALLAHEAD has the ideal portable toilet solution for you.  

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