Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Queens Portable Toilet & Porta Potty Rentals

Here is a beautiful shot of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens on a lovely sunny day...

Isn't it amazing the the two major airports in New York City happen to be in Queens?! Maybe it's because Queens happens to be the largest borough in New York City, at 109 square miles

Ok, so let's say that you need to rent a portable toilet in Queens, New York - perhaps for a special event, a marathon, some home construction, or even a backyard Bar-B-Q... what to do?

Well, guess what? Queens is home to the corporate headquarters of the largest portable toilet company in New York, CallAHead!

So, you're in luck! All you need to do is give them a call at 800.634.2085, and tell them what type of porta potty in Queens you are interested in.

Or better yet, just tell them what type of special event you are having, like a wedding, outdoor corporate gathering, etc., and let them recommend the best portable toilet for you, according to your needs - you can't go wrong!

And when it comes to porta potties, you want to make sure that they are ultra-clean. With CallAHead, you can tell just by looking at their portable toilets that they're clean - they're gleaming! No worries about all those germs.

And how do these porta potties look? After all, you don't want to rent one, and then it arrives looking all raunchy, and then your guests don't even use it! Well, take a look again at the picture above, and see how beautiful the woman's portable toilet blends into the lovely scenery in Queens' Flushing Meadow - Corona Park!

Who wouldn't want to use such a good looking portable toilet? Not even your fussiest friend will have a problem, so stop worrying, and make the call today (800.634.2085). It'll be one less thing to worry about when planning your event in Queens, NY!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FLESH EATING DISEASE, or 'Necrotizing Fasciitis' and HANDWASHING Importance

Here is another reason to make sure that you wash your hands after using public restrooms or portable toilets: Flesh Eating Disease!

That's right, necrotizing fasciitis (the medical term for it) can be transmitted through a small cut scrape, where it enters the body. According to PubMed Health, the bacteria begins to grow, and in turn, releases harmful toxins that kill tissue. This dead tissue creates more bacteria, which enter the bloodstream, and can spread rapidly through the body.

Prevention for this deadly infection is simple, "Always clean the skin thoroughly after a cut, scrape, or other skin injury.", according to the US National Library of Medicine.

So, imagine that the person using the restroom facilities (or a porta potty) before you has an open wound with the bacteria and doesn't wash their hands. And now you enter, and happen to touch something that was contaminated, and you have a small cut or a simple scrape that you didn't even notice...

If you wash your hands thoroughly, you'll have no problem! So keep up the good work, and stay clean! :-)

Here is more information about the flesh eating bacteria.