Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What about an Antiseptic Stand?

Ok, so you saw in my last post how you could keep your hands clean in a remote location by renting a Towelette Stand. Well, what if you don't want to fill up a trash can with all the used towelettes? What if you don't have a trash can available either?

Guess what? Someone's thought of that, too! (well, you don't say, LOL!)

That's right, just rent an Antiseptic Dispenser to clean your hands with!

Antiseptic Dispenser Stand

The Antiseptic Stand shown above has four (4) dispensers, each one loaded with 800ml (almost a quart, or liter) of sanitizing gel.

A portable hand sanitizer unit like this will help all your guests keep their hands sanitized, and eliminate the need for towelettes, or running water! Brilliant! ..and brilliantly clean, too! ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Towelette Stands & Portable Hand Washing Units

Hand Washing Stand - Towelette Stand | Portable

So what if you don't have running water, and you want to host a party, or some kind of event?

Simple: rent your own Towelette Stand! Pretty Cool, huh? This is a great alternative to a sink with running water, and is a must-have if you rent a porta potty that doesn't have it's own hand washing sink with water!

Who knew? Not me - a little birdie told me. So now I'm telling you -- wash up! It's time to eat! ;)