Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Luxury Restroom Trailers: The Versailles by Callahead

The Versailles Restroom Trailer by Callahead

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of luxury restroom trailers, they're an industry answer to the need for rentable bathroom spaces that provide the comfort, quality, and aesthetically beautiful construction of an in-home/in-venue restroom. The Versailles in specific, a model in a series of luxury restrooms by Callahead, provides this upscale comfort in spades. This unit was designed with old-world French grandeur in mind and characterized by lavish interior design, upscale fixtures and elegant aesthetic choices. Its opulence makes it a considerable choice for high-class affairs such as weddings, cocktail receptions and corporate events.

Grand Opulence, Versailles Style
Both the men’s and the women’s restrooms are complete with private bathroom stalls, and custom-framed artwork adorns the walls. Refreshing floral arrangements line the porcelain vanity sinks, while full vanity mirrors offer your guests a flattering glimpse of themselves. The facility also comes with thermostat-adjustable heat/air-conditioning, a surround sound music system, designer anti-bacterial soap dispenser, hand towels, tissues and candy mint dishes. The Versailles stops at nothing short of upscale comfort down to the regal finishes.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Railings for Entry and Exit
The exterior of the unit is bright white with outdoor lighting for ease of visibility. The men’s and women’s restrooms have separate entrances, which are led up to via sturdy, non-slip, wide floating staircases complete with stainless steel hand railings. While the women’s restroom boasts five spacious bathroom stalls, the men’s features two private stalls and four waterless porcelain urinals. The urinals’ privacy dividers are made of a faux marble with real Calcutta marble caps for an enhanced detail, and the women’s restroom stall doors are made of genuine mahogany wood.

Men's Bathroom

If you're interested in booking a premier portable restroom for your next function, look no further than The Versailles. It's one of Callahead's VIP restroom trailers, and is certain to exceed the expectations of your guests and impress everyone at the event - including yourself! Delivery is available in all five of the New York City boroughs, as well as Westchester County and Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point in Long Island. Visit or call Callahead's office at (800) 634-2085 for more information.

The Versailles Restroom Trailer by Callahead

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mobile Restroom Trailer: The Mobilet Trailer

The Mobilet Restroom Trailer by Callahead

The Mobilet Mobile Restroom Trailer by Callahead is the perfect portable restroom solution that is compact, easy to transport, and very functional. Whether it's for special events or construction job sites, the Mobilet can be rented for short-term or long-term use, and setup is quick and easy. 

Overhead Air Conditioner
The Mobilet Restroom Trailer's clean white exterior matches the interior, providing a consistent, bright aesthetic both inside and out. Guests are provided with all the amenities needed for a comfortable restroom experience, including air conditioning with heat, stereo sound system, sky lights, and carpeted floors. 

Standard Size Urinal
While the Mobilet is conveniently small, the most is made out of the space, with two porcelain toilets and one porcelain urinal inside, allowing for multi-purpose relief and a faster moving line. Within the Mobilet there are also two toilet paper holders, two mirrors, and two trash receptacles. 

Fully Equipped Sink with Mirror
Additionally, the Mobilet provides all the trappings of a tradition restroom for a sanitary and comfortable experience washing up and getting suitable. Once guests are done using the restroom, they have access to two porcelain sinks, two stainless steel faucets, two, two paper towel dispensers, and two soap dispensers. 

Nothing can detract from the sanitary and stylish design of the Mobilet Restroom Trailer by Callahead, which guests are sure to appreciate. If you're interested, look up to browse their website and see what suits your needs. You can place your order by calling the toll free number at 1-800-634-2085 and a sales agent will gladly assist you.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Oxford Luxury Restroom Trailers for Rent

The Oxford Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental
If you’re seeking elegant Restroom Trailers For Rent at your next formal occasion, look no further than The Oxford luxury restroom trailer rental by Callahead. This stunning restroom facility was designed in likeness after the European bathrooms commonly found in mansions and castles during the 19th century. Finished with beautiful detailing inside and out, the Oxford will make an impression on guests, who will be astounded by the level of intricacy this beautiful facility holds.

Stainless steel railing for safe entry and exit
The Oxford is finished in a shiny champagne exterior with the classic Callahead logo on display. Outdoor lighting adorns the perimeter of the facility, while floating staircases and stainless steel hand railings make it easy for guests to enter and exit the separate men’s and women’s facilities. Once inside, guests are transported into a time of decadence with beautiful top-to-bottom detailing including cherry wood wainscot paneling and mahogany wood Armstrong flooring, luxurious granite countertops, and custom floral arrangements.

19th century European charm, elegance and design
Guests have the utmost privacy with fully enclosed, floor-to-ceiling lockable wood doors. The women’s restroom is equipped with five private bathroom stalls, one of which is conveniently furnished with a stainless steel baby changing station. The men’s restroom is equipped with two spacious bathroom stalls with three waterless and odorless urinals with privacy dividers. All stalls are equipped with spring loaded pedal flush toilets for hands free flushing, and foot operated covered trash receptacles.

The Oxford provides guests will all the necessities to have a comfortable restroom experience from start to finish. A central music system, a hot air heat system and dual air conditioner, and a skylight for natural light are just some of the luxurious amenities the Oxford offers. The Oxford is also fully stocked with cotton hand towels, filled candy dishes, and elegant silver antibacterial soap dispensers.  

Callahead is the leading provider of portable Restroom Trailers for Rent, including the Oxford, in the tri-state area. If you're planning a special event, look up for more information, or call the toll-free number at 1-800-634-2085.