Thursday, November 19, 2015

One Of CALLAHEAD's Unmatched Wedding Restroom Trailers, The Cambridge

Weddings are always beautiful and are celebrated very often throughout New York City. At this special event, guests are looking to have a great time. To give your guests the best experience possible, supplying them with an exclusive restroom trailer is a start. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they have many wedding restroom trailers that will have everyone talking for days. One restroom trailer that comes to mind is the Cambridge. The Cambridge is the ideal trailer to use for weddings. Renting this one of a kind trailer is guaranteed to make weddings more appealing. People will be surprised with the amenities this trailer contains.
Cambridge Luxury Restroom Trailer
Everything that this trailer offers will catch people’s attention. The Cambridge has a bright white exterior and has an English Victorian décor. Both women’s and men’s restrooms are provided. The women’s bathroom has two large stalls and the men's restroom has one private stall and two odor less urinals. The walls have a gray faux granite detail and the floor is an Armstrong, faux wide-planked mahogany wood. A central music system is installed in the ceiling in order to make your bathroom experience an enjoyable one. Antibacterial soap is provided in both restrooms to maintain everything clean and sanitary. Air heating system and air conditioner system is also equipped inside. Exterior lighting and skylights makes the interior and exterior stand out. All the equipment stored inside is very serviceable. Elegant artworks are found inside which gives the trailer a beautiful setting.
Trailer Interior

CALLAHEAD always makes sure that all of their customers receives the best experience possible with each rental. For more information on the Cambridge or other wedding restroomtrailers speak to a dales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. If you wish to read more on this luxurious trailer or view pictures, visit the company’s website at Guests will always feel comfortable with the quality and service that CALLAHEAD provides. People will never have to worry with a CALLAHEAD rental.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Regency, One of CALLAHEAD's Premier Executive Restroom Trailers

Most special events in New York City are very luxurious and formal. It's always important for guests to speak highly of you. Providing guests with the perfect bathroom, will have them feel comfortable and welcomed. At CALLAHEAD CORP, they provide the best quality restroom trailers on the market. There are many different executive restroom trailers to choose from, but The Regency Luxury Restroom Trailer by CALLAHEAD Corp is one that is sure to impress guests of any event. This trailer will catch everyone's attention because of its professional look and style. 
The Regency Luxury Restroom Trailer
This executive trailer's bright white is very appealing. The women’s bathroom has three spacious stalls with lockable wood doors. The men’s restroom has one private stall and three odorless urinals. Many framed artworks are displayed for a comfortable feeling. Black Corian countertops and grey faux marble walls gives the trailer a nice rich décor. Like most of CALLAHEAD's other trailers, The Regency trailer also includes a central music system, thermostat controlled heat, and air conditioner. In order to keep this trailer as sanitary as possible, disinfectants and towels are  provided. For safety purposes, this trailer  has wide staircases that are made of heavy grade solid steel and it is attached with stainless steel hail railings. 
Restroom Vanity
The Regency has all the amenities that you would normally have in your own bathroom. This trailer will have guests talking for years to come. Don’t miss an opportunity to rent The Regency or other executive restroom trailers. Talk to a CALLAHEAD specialist today at 1-800-634-2085 or visit the company’s website to rent one of our trailers.This trailer is definitely worth the investment and you will get your money's worth.

The Oxford, One Of CALLAHEAD's Most Outstanding Restroom Trailers For Rent

Every time you host an event, you want to provide your guests with the best bathroom facility. Providing them with a great restroom will result in positive feedback. A restroom trailer can always come in handy. Best restroom trailers for rent can be found at CALLAHEAD Corp. Since 1976 CALLAHEAD has been providing its customers with wonderful services. If you are looking for a restroom trailer, the Oxford is the one. This trailer can be used for any special event but it is ideal used for weddings and other formal events.
The Oxford Luxury Restroom trailer
The Oxford is a very luxurious trailer and the scenery has been compared to one of a library. The trailer is filled with beautiful French artworks. This trailer has separate men’s and women’s restrooms. The women’s restroom has 5 spacious stalls. For those guests that bring infants to events, one of the stalls contains a baby changing station. The men’s restroom contains 2 private bathroom stalls and three odorless urinals. A thermostat that controls air conditioner and heater is also equipped inside. The walls of the trailer has a beautiful wood trim. To provide safety to all guests, a stainless steel railings is installed.

Trailer Interior
The Oxford is currently available for rent. This trailer will surly have all of your guests impressed. Speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085. For more information and pictures visit the company’s website at If you are looking for restroom trailers for rent, CALLAHEAD has been one of the top portable sanitation industries today. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

One Of CALLAHEAD's Greatest Restroom Trailer Rental, The Plaza

New York City is well known as the city that never sleeps. There are always parties, celebrations, weddings and many other special events taking place. But in order for people to have an enjoyable experience, restroom trailers should be provided. At CALLAHEAD Corp, they offer the most luxurious restroom trailers. The perfect restroom trailer rental is the Plaza. It is one of the finest restroom trailers this company offers and it has all the amenities you need. 

The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer

Women and men's restrooms are fully functional and comfortable. This trailer has a shiny bright exterior which will stand out during any outdoor event. Separate women and men's restrooms are provided. The women's restroom has four spacious stalls and on the men's side, they have two private stalls and three odorless urinals. Beautiful framed art works are displayed throughout the trailer. Fully integrated sound system, thermostat that controls heat and air conditioner are all installed. Fully integrated sound system, thermostat that controls heat and air conditioner are all installed. The plaza is very sanitary and clean as it includes antibacterial soap and towels. Lovely floral arrangements can also be found inside which makes this trailer more elegant.

Trailer Interior
The Plaza would be a smart restroom trailer rental. This one of a kind trailer is also very affordable. To inquire about this unique trailer, speak to a sales specialist today at 1-800-634-2085, or visit for more information. This is an opportunity to give guests a rich experience. The Plaza is an amazing innovation that will surely have everyone impressed and they will witness all the greatness that CALLAHEAD delivers.