Friday, July 14, 2017

Bathroom Trailers: The DoubleHead Bathroom Trailer

 Callahead's DoubleHead Bathroom Trailers 
Providing your crew with a restroom can be challenging, especially if you're at a remote location that prevents access to flatbed trucks and tank trucks. If you're looking to maneuver around these difficult circumstances, the DoubleHead Bathroom Trailers by Callahead offer a portable solution that can tow two porta potties right to your job site. Callahead supplies same day service throughout all of New York City's five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, and all of Westchester County.  

Two Blue Water Toilets on the DoubleHead Trailer
The DoubleHead trailer is a single trailer that can conveniently be attached to any smaller size vehicle (like a garden tractor or golf cart) for easy towing. Engineered to transport two standard sized porta potties with minimal effort, the DoubleHead can easily be lowered to the ground level and your crew can use the portable toilets exactly where they're lowered. Once it's time for the DoubleHead to be towed somewhere else, you can easily crank the trailer to lift the porta potties and be on your way.

 Tires – 5.70-8
The DoubleHead bathroom trailers are equipped with a safety chain, tail lights for driving safety, and a lockable anti-theft tongue. Callahead provides a wide range of portable toilets for rent along with the Doublehead Trailer. Some great options recommended for construction job sites include the Red Head, the Green Head, the Blue Water Toilet, the White Toilet, and the Construction Wash & Flush. Since the trailer makes transporting the porta potties simple, cleaning appointments can be scheduled to a nearby location in case your job site doesn't permit tank trucks for servicing.

The Red Head DoubleHead Trailer
If you're interested in renting the Bathroom Trailers like the DoubleHead, same day service can be arranged. For more information, visit Callahead's website or call 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a sales representative today.

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