Sunday, February 28, 2021

Construction Site Portable Toilets

These are challenging times for construction project managers and builders. Procuring supplies, such as sanitizing stations, portable toilets and portable sanitation equipment, is high on the list of things to consider when trying to complete a project. Additionally, the ability to move your equipment on short notice is a requirement. Callahead Corporation in New York can help you with many of these challenges.

Portable Toilet on Construction Site

Let’s talk about portable toilets for a moment.  If you are need of portable restrooms for your crew of men and women, Callahead has portable toilets specifically designed for each of them. Likewise, if you are in need of antiseptic stands (as may be the requirement nowadays), Callahead also has a number of styles of these to consider. Additionally, If you are in need of security guard booths for your construction site, Callahead also has several models available to rent, long-term or short-term.

Guard Booth

Finally, storage sheds may also be needed for some of your workers, and again, Callahead in New York has several options available for your job site or construction project, to provide security for supplies and tools.

Portable Storage Shed

So don’t stress yourself out by trying to research who has what, and where. Simply visit or their online portal at, or simply pick up the phone and dial 800-634-2085. You’ll be able to speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives and solve many of your construction procurement needs.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Watershed Portable Water Delivery Solution for Restroom Trailers


The Watershed Portable Water Delivery Solution for Restroom Trailers

If you are renting a restroom trailer, but don’t have a viable source of water to operate the sinks or the toilets, you may want to consider a water delivery solution by Callahead, called The Watershed.

The Watershed 16


The Watershed is a standalone unit provided by Callahead that delivers up to 300 gallons of non-potable water to your restroom trailer and comes in two sizes: The Watershed 16 provides 150 gallons of water between fill-ups, whereas The Watershed 25 provides 300 gallons of non-potable water between fill-ups. The Watershed delivers water to your trailer with 50 psi, which is more pressure than your household plumbing.

Watershed Pump delivers 50 psi


Additionally the watershed has a self-contained heater that will prevent your water source from freezing up, that’s ensuring that you have water available for your bathroom trailer year-round – even during freezing temperatures. Watershed also has your safety and security and mind with a tamperproof locking door for your peace of mind.


You can peruse the specs on The Watershed water delivery system, by visiting Callahead‘s website. Or you can simply call 1-800-634-2085 and speak with one of CALLAHEAD‘s friendly representatives today.

Watershed 25

Whether you need non-potable water for short term or long term, you’ll never need to run out of running water for your bathroom trailer again!